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Installing The Very First Continuous Melting Machine That WE Designed!

Apr 4, 2023 | News

Here at Premier Forrester, we have installed a piece of kit that is totally new and can’t be bought anywhere else! Read on to find out more about our new machine and what it could mean for your business. 

How Does The Melting Machine Work?

Ordinarily, chocolate manufacturers use liquid delivery and buy in bulk, or they purchase chocolate in button or block form which can then be melted down in a tank. These methods require a lot of time, energy and management. If you’re producing multiple types of chocolate, you will also need numerous tanks which must all be maintained. Or, if you only have one or two tanks, you’ll end up with lots of waste from product changeovers, as chocolate that can’t be reused has to be thrown away. In the end, this translates to a lot of money going down the drain.

The best option for melting chocolate efficiently is to add more chocolate to a batch that has already been melted. This can, however, take up a lot of energy. Furthermore, white chocolate that is stored for extended periods of time will start to change colour/turn grey and become unusable.

To combat this, here at Premier Forrester, we have created a system that instantly melts chocolate, cutting out all of this difficulty and product loss. All you need to do is add your chips and they will be melted to the temperature that you set. Ideally, this should be 45 degrees C to keep the continuous melting system working instantly. 

What Are The Advantages Of The Continuous Melting Machine?

One of the most predominant advantages is that the wetted area is very small, with less than 500g leftover at the end. This means there’s almost zero waste, saving product and therefore money. The machine is also instant – simply press go and you’ll have melted chocolate in no time at all. The machine allows you to melt chocolate without using large amounts of energy or hot water too, and there are no external services because the system runs on friction. 

With Premier Forrester’s continuous melting machine, you can change over very quickly, switching from one type of chocolate to another instantly which can drastically reduce product changeover time. You can even feed a temperer directly from it, linking melting to the line and constantly topping up from bulk, which removes the need to store leftover melted chocolate and manage melting tanks. Directly feeding chocolate also helps to ensure that the chocolate is properly deseeded, as opposed to using stored chocolate from a melting tank which may not be. White chocolate can also be stored in solid form and melted instantly with no risk of discolouration. This is the perfect way to achieve instantly melted chocolate.

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