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Bakery Bread Production

Food Process Engineering Solutions For The Bakery Manufacturing Industry

The UK market for breads, cakes, and baked goods has never been more diverse, nor more vibrant. From breakfast bagels to stuffed pastries, and artisan breads to fondant-filled cupcakes, creative, high-quality baked goods require bakery machinery and engineering that rises to the challenge.

At Premier Forrester, we support businesses at every stage of the production process, from dough processing, to baking, decorating, and packaging. Whatever your goals for your business, whether you are looking to expand your market, develop new products, boost your output, or save costs on production, our consultants are ready to supply the right materials, equipment, and advice to enable you to achieve your objectives.

Our Services

Premier Forrester are not simply a supplier of bakery machinery. We offer businesses a holistic design, project management, supply, and consultancy service, which can be subdivided into three distinct elements:

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Bakery Baked Products On Shelves
  1. Equipment supply and servicing: Drawing on the market experience and machinery of our principal suppliers (please see below), we offer a wide range of industrial baking machines and supplementary equipment to suit all types of application, business size, and project budget. Spare parts, service contracts, and callout engineers are available for all products.
  2. Bespoke food processing engineering solutions: We create complete systems to address the issues that affect our customers, whether this relates to the process of making a specific product, or organisational goals, such as reducing waste. We can project manage the entire process on your behalf, from cost forecasting, to selecting equipment, sourcing suppliers, implementation, training, and after sales care.
  3. Capital investment consulting: We provide tailored advice on the equipment you need to fulfil specific project requirements or growth goals, including guidance on business cases, project management structures, ROI timescales, CAPEX figures etc.

Bakery Equipment & Machinery

Bakery machinery and ancillary equipment we specialise in include:

  • Dough Depositors
  • Sheeting Equipment
  • Wire Cut Depositors
  • Injecting
  • Cooling Tunnels
  • Process Pipework
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Cooling Systems
  • Control Systems
  • PLC Upgrades
  • Instrumentation and Control
  • Volumetric Feeders
  • Gravimetric Feeders
  • Mould Washing
  • Pallet Washing
  • Heat Recovery
  • Jacketed Pipework
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication
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At Premier Forrester, we have built a comprehensive network of principal suppliers that cover all aspects of machinery needed for a bakery:

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At Premier Forrester, our production solutions are designed to help bakeries deliver growth and improved efficiency, through a practical combination of excellent principals – including the best bakery machinery manufacturers in Europe – and unmatched industry experience. To find out more about our capital investment consultancy service, our bespoke process system design and project management service, or machinery supply and maintenance, please have a chat with one of our advisers today.

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