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Volumetric Feeders

Volumetric feeders offer precise control over ingredient dispensing based on volume. Our volumetric feeders are precision-engineered for industrial chocolate manufacturing.

These feeders accurately measure and dispense volumes of ingredients – such as chopped nuts, coconut, powdered sugar, and more. They can be used to fill or decorate a variety of chocolate and confectionery products, ensuring consistent and high-quality production standards.

For products that require more precise weight-based dispensing, Premier Forrester can also supply counting feeders.



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Key Product Features

  • Precision dispensing: Volumetric feeders ensure precise ingredient dispensing by volume, maintaining consistency in chocolate and confectionery products.
  • Versatile ingredient handling: These feeders manage a broad range of ingredients, from cocoa powder to nuts, providing flexibility for diverse recipes.
  • Integrated efficiency: Designed for seamless integration into production lines, volumetric feeders contribute to the efficiency of chocolate and confectionery manufacturing processes.

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