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ColdPress® Chocolate Shell Machine

The ColdPress® System is a patented Trikno technology that creates precise and uniform chocolate shells with individual stamp designs.

It has various applications, including pralines, bars, hollow figures, chocolate eggs, and more. No matter how complex the shape, the ColdPress® shell machine ensures the chocolate thickness remains consistent.

The equipment accommodates different types of chocolate and gives you the possibility to use different fillings, including aerated and fluid mixtures.

Premier Forrester are the sole UK supplier of Trikno machinery. Speak to us today about the ColdPress® chocolate shell system and discover how it can benefit your product line.

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Key Features

  • Controlled environment: To avoid condensation, the ColdPress® System works with an ambient temperature around 0°C with line-speeds up to 24 moulds/min.
  • Minimum 1.0mm thickness: The machine can create chocolate shells as thin as 1.0mm. This ensures a consistently delicate and high-quality finish for your chocolate products.
  • Retrofit ColdPress®: The ColdPress® System is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing production lines, providing an adaptable solution to enhance your chocolate manufacturing processes.

Product Specifications

  • Machine Type: TCM CP
  • Mould width: 275-650mm
  • Line speed: up to 24 moulds/min
  • Shell thickness: from 1.0mm upwards

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