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Chocolate Packaging

Packaging is one of the final steps on a chocolate production line – but it’s also one of the most important. After all, the packaging is the first thing your customers will see.

Premier Forrester works with leading European principals to supply plastic-free chocolate packaging solutions for businesses of every size, from artisanal producers to industrial co-manufacturers.

Our sustainable packaging solutions includes aluminium, natural fibre and paper fibre materials, each with its own unique characteristics and benefits.

Whether you need eco-friendly chocolate bar packaging or a bespoke transparent tray for truffles and bonbons, our experienced team can help find the right sustainable packaging solution for your needs.

Formed packaging

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Our Packaging Options


  • Aluminium Packaging: Aluminium is endlessly recyclable, making it one of the most planet-friendly solutions for chocolate bar packaging. It also provides exceptional protection against moisture, light and air, making it ideal for preserving the freshness of your products.
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  • Natural Fibre: An environmentally-friendly alternative to transparent plastic, this Natural Fibre packaging is made from plant materials, offering a biodegradable way to show off every detail of your beautiful chocolate products.
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  • Paper Fibre: This environmentally conscious chocolate packaging is made from paper fibres, for a highly customisable solution that offers a range of printing and branding opportunities.
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Premier Forrester support UK chocolate and confectionery manufacturers with a range of process solutions drawn from the world’s most innovative and experienced machinery manufacturers. We offer a comprehensive production support service, from advice on the best capital investments to meet your output requirements, to a variety of moulds, cooling equipment, and cleaning solutions. To discuss your project with one of our experienced engineers, please feel free to give us a call today.

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