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Shell Forming 

Create perfectly thin and uniform chocolate shells for a range of confectionery products with professional shell forming machinery.

Cutting-edge systems ensure each chocolate shell meets the highest standards by using individual stamp designs. Shells can be cast in thickness of 0.5mm and upwards, perfect for chocolate bars, truffles, pralines, and other chocolate treats.

Premier Forrester works with the best in the industry to source machinery that provide precision and consistency in shell thickness – vital for creating high-quality confectionery products.

Our exceptional service team is also available to provide comprehensive after-sales support and advice, ensuring our clients find the right solution for their specific production needs.

Using ColdPress® technology allows for processing different masses and using various fillings simultaneously 

ColdPress® milk chocolate shell with one shot centre, cap and decoration

Our Shell Forming Products


  • ColdPress®: This patented system can create perfectly thin chocolate shells for a range of confectionery products.
The equipment used to deliver the ColdPress application

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