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Chocolate Tempering Machines

Temper chocolate to perfection every time with our professional tempering machines.

Chocolate tempering machines are used to heat and cool chocolate to specific temperatures, ensuring it solidifies with a smooth texture, glossy finish, and proper snap.

Whether you’re a large-scale chocolate manufacturer or an artisanal maker, these tempering products are designed for ease of use and efficiency, ensuring a smooth and consistent temper every time.

Our expert team is always on hand to advise on the best tempering solutions and provide after-sales support to ensure your equipment continues runs smoothly.

Chocolate Depositor

How Upgrading To A Knobel Chocolate Depositor Machine Can Take Your Chocolate Production Business To The Next Level

Our Chocolate Tempering Machines


  • Temper Meter: A chocolate temper meter will assess the crystalline structure of melted chocolate during the tempering process, to ensure the desired smoothness and gloss.
Knobel Alpha CAD


  • Tempering Units: This specialised machinery will precisely control the temperature during melting, cooling, and reheating chocolate, providing a high-quality finish.
Knobel Alpha CAD


  • Ultra-low Usage Tempering: This is the only tempering machine of its kind on the market. It is perfect for processes that only require a small chocolate consumption (e.g. decoration).
Knobel Alpha CAD

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Premier Forrester support UK chocolate and confectionery manufacturers with a range of process solutions drawn from the world’s most innovative and experienced machinery manufacturers. We offer a comprehensive production support service, from advice on the best capital investments to meet your output requirements, to a variety of moulds, cooling equipment, and cleaning solutions. To discuss your project with one of our experienced engineers, please feel free to give us a call today.

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