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Chocolate Temper Meter

Temper meters allow confectioners to test whether their tempering machines have reached the correct temperature for tempering chocolate.

Efficient and simple to use, the temper meter ensures your large-scale chocolate batches consistently achieve the perfect temper, resulting in top-quality finishes.

This industrial-grade technology includes the reliable recording of the degree of tempering as well as the documentation of the measured values. With straightforward operation, clear readings, and easy controls, it’s an essential tool for managing large-scale chocolate production.

Premier Forrester has 25 years of experience in sourcing engineering solutions for chocolate manufacturers. We also offer an exceptional after-sales service that supports your equipment throughout its lifespan.


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Key Product Features

  • Wide temperature range: These machines can measure chocolate temperatures from –10°C to 50°C.
  • High precision: The precise engineering ensures accuracy, with a displayed temperature range within 0.1°C on either side, allowing meticulous control of the tempering process.
  • Quality assurance: Our chocolate temper meters achieve consistent texture, gloss, and quality in the tempered chocolate through real-time analysis.

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