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RM Technology Engineering SRL, based in Italy, develop efficient counting and volumetric depositing systems for the chocolate, confectionery, and pharmaceutical industries. Premier Forrester are sole representatives in the UK & Ireland for RM Technology, licensed to provide sales, servicing and repairs to UK customers across their full range of volumetric depositing systems.

About RM Technology

RM Technology Engineering create equipment that allows chocolate manufacturers to apply fillings and decoration to a variety of confectionery items. Machines are available, for example, to insert hazelnuts or raisins into chocolate shells, and to decorate chocolates with anything free-flowing.

RM Technology enables precise depositing and quality control on all confectionery production lines, from the largest automatic systems, to low volume manual plants. Each machine is customisable to the precise needs of your project, allowing intricate chocolate designs with tight control over budgeting, quality assurance, and production timescales.

Product Range

The RM Technology product catalogue includes nut feeding systems, volumetric feeders, and gravimetric powder feeders:

  • Nut feeding machines that are compatible with intermittent and continuous mould systems. The machines measure and apply small confectionery items into moulds, e.g. candy particles, nuts, etc.
  • Volumetric feeder machines for powder products (e.g. sugar, ground almonds), for use with either intermittent or continuous mould systems.
  • Gravimetric feeder machines for product extrusion. These ‘pick and place’ distribution systems allow the efficient removal of products from moulds, and the conveyance of products towards wrapping or packaging machinery.

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At Premier Forrester, we assist confectionery manufacturers in three ways; first, by supplying and servicing food processing equipment from Europe’s leading manufacturers; second, by designing, implementing, and project managing bespoke production systems to meet the specific needs of confectionery manufacturers; and third, by advising businesses on the most cost-effective capital investments to achieve their business goals. To discuss your requirements with one of our experienced consultants, please get in touch today.

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