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Chocolate Melting Tanks

Block melting tanks are designed to melt blocks or chips of chocolate, rather than store them in bulk.

They’re precisely engineered to melt and maintain a consistent temperature for chocolate, ensuring it stays in a liquid state for various production needs.

The chocolate melting tanks have controlled heating features and stirring mechanisms to achieve the perfect temperature and prevent chocolate from burning or overheating.


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Key Features

  • Precision temperature control: These chocolate melting tanks are equipped with advanced temperature control mechanisms, ensuring precise heating to melt chocolate without compromising its quality.
  • Efficient stirring: The mechanical stirring system helps evenly distribute heat through the chocolate, preventing uneven melting or burning. This creates a smooth melted chocolate suitable for various applications in the chocolate-making process.
  • User-friendly operation: The intuitive interfaces and adjustable settings make it easy to operate, enhancing overall production efficiency.

Product Specifications

Melting Chamber WOLF Type FBM

  • Available in 500 or 1000kg capacity
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Double-walled water jacket
  • Automatic heater

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