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Bulk Chocolate Tanks

Bulk chocolate tanks are a critical component in large-scale chocolate production, providing a reliable solution for storing significant quantities of chocolate.

These holding tanks are designed for industrial-scale production lines and will hold more than six tonnes of liquid chocolate.

Their sturdy construction and advanced temperature control features ensure they provide a continuous supply for various chocolate-making processes.

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Key Features

  • Large storage capacity: These tanks hold over six tonnes of chocolate, ensuring consistent and efficient supply to meet your production needs.
  • Robust construction: The tanks have a strong and durable build, designed to handle the challenges of industrial chocolate-making.
  • Easy integration: The chocolate holding tanks seamlessly integrate with your existing manufacturing line to optimise workflow and production efficiency.

Product Specifications

  • Different designs of 1000-25000kg
  • For fat, chocolate and sugar masses
  • Double-walled
  • Can be supplied with weighing cells, insulation, circulation pump, melt grid, chocolate mass pump, paste filter with magnetic separator

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