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Aluminium Packaging

Aluminium packaging offers endless opportunities for creative chocolate packaging. The material’s flexibility means it can be moulded into a variety of shapes to provide protection for a wide variety of products – including chocolate and confectionery.

As well as effectively shielding products against light, moisture and air, aluminium packaging is also one of the most environmentally friendly solutions for chocolate manufacturers. The material can be recycled repeatedly, helping to reduce landfill waste as well as your business’s carbon footprint.

Talk to our experienced supply team today to learn more about this versatile and sustainable material and discover how aluminium packaging could elevate your products.

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Key Product Features

  • Superior Barrier Protection: Aluminium packaging shields against light, moisture and air, preserving product quality.
  • Customisable Shaping: Aluminium packaging is highly flexible, making it easy to shape into endless creative forms and customise with colourful designs.
  • Recyclable Material: Aluminium is endlessly recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice for confectionery and chocolate packaging.

Packaging Machine Specifications


  • For small to mid-volume production 
  • Single cavity output: 300/hour
  • Double cavity output: 600/hour


  • For mid to high volume production
  • Single cavity output: 2100/hour
  • Double cavity output: 4200/hour
  • Triple cavity output: 6300/hour

Packaging Machine Specifications


  • Fully-automatic system
  • High volume production
  • High flexibility

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