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We’ve Made The Very First Continuous Melting Machine!

Feb 3, 2022 | News

At Premier Forrester, we’re very proud to announce that we’ve created a first in the chocolate manufacturing industry – with a new piece of kit that will keep everyone sweet! Here’s all you need to know.

One of Its Kind

As experts in the chocolate manufacturing sector, we understand the dilemmas that many of our customers face, and so to address these, we’ve created the very first continuous melting machine, which can only be purchased from Premier Forrester.

The Problem

Chocolate manufacturers will tell you that it’s not always easy creating their sweet treats. The process can be time-consuming and energy inefficient and involves having to buy liquid in bulk or melting chocolate blocks or buttons in a tank. Often, several tanks are needed to process different types of chocolate, which means there are often lots of hands to the pump.

The best way to melt chocolate involves adding small bits at a time to a melted batch, this can consume a lot of time and energy. Plus, the process can create a lot of excess waste, since chocolate held for extended periods goes off colour and can’t be used, meaning it ends up getting thrown away.

Premier Forrester To The Rescue

To resolve these niggles affecting chocolate makers, we’ve come up with an ingenious piece of machinery that continuously melts the chocolate, reducing wastage and energy consumption.

At an ideal temperature of 45C, the machine continuously melts the chocolate in an instant, allowing you to add your chips.

Virtually No Waste

The continuous melting machine solves the problem of excess waste, by almost slashing this to zero. This is because the ‘wetted’ area is exceptionally small, with less than 500g leftover at the end of the process. Less product waste equals less financial waste!

Simple, Fuss-Free Melting

What could be easier than just pressing go? That’s all you have to do to get solid chocolate instantly melted. Plus, you don’t need to worry about using lots of energy and hot water to melt the chocolate, and because it’s a friction system, no external services are required. Job done!


Constant and Direct

With this continuous machine, you can directly feed a temperer and directly link melting to a line, while topping up from bulk. White chocolate can be conveniently stored in solid form and can be melted instantly without any risk of discolouration.

Suitable For Different Chocolate Types

There’s no need to have lots of different tanks on the go if you manufacture various types of chocolate. With the continuous melting machine, changing from one type of chocolate to another is a doddle.

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Further development… after the successes of the first installation Premier Forrester are investigating using this method for melting full blocks of chocolate and cocoa butter, instantly!!!

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