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Chocolate Decorating Machine

These chocolate decorating machines are an industrial automated solution for applying free-flowing decorations – such as drizzles of melted chocolate – to chocolate and confectionery products.

The machinery offers a variety of simple design patterns, including straight, zigzag, curved and looped designs, as well as manual adjustment options for more intricate shapes. A precisely engineered control system ensures accurate application, creating a professional and consistent finish on all decorated products.

Premier Forrester supplies decorating machines from the best engineering manufacturers in Europe. We’ll help find the right solution for your production needs.

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Key Product Features

  • Intricate design possibilities: Manual adjustment settings enable the use of intricate shapes, including circles, figures of eight, and more. This expands design possibilities for more unique and detailed decorations.
  • Dynamic pattern saving: The control system can save unique patterns in the system with names, allowing users to make on-the-go changes to decorating designs during operation.
  • Adaptable speeds for high belt rates: The decorating machine’s straightforward design accommodates systems with high belt speeds, making it adaptable to various production environments without compromising pattern quality

Product Specifications


  • Capable of creating zig zags, circles, and complex ornament patterns
  • Manual adjustment of X/Y axis 
  • Working width: 320-1400mm


  • Includes PLC control 
  • Working width: 620-1400mm

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