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Chocolate Enrobing Machines

Chocolate enrobing machines are designed to move a variety of confectionery items through a continuous curtain of liquid chocolate, ensuring a smooth and even coating on all sides.

Industrial enrobing machines are built for busy production lines and can withstand everyday commercial use. They provide uniform chocolate coating for a variety of confectionary products – from delicate pastries to truffles and chocolate bars.

Premier Forrester’s after-sales care service offers expert support for your machinery, including training, setup, servicing and spare parts.

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Key Product Features

  • Flawless precision: Enrobing machines provide high-quality and precise chocolate coating, ensuring a perfect finish every time.
  • Effortless efficiency: Designed for seamless integration with your production line, these enrobing machines automate and streamline the coating process, optimising efficiency without compromising quality.
  • Product versatility: Our principals’ equipment is engineered for adaptability, providing you with easy flexibility to explore potential new products.

Product Specifications

WOLF Enrobing Machine E3

  • Working width: 820, 1050, 1300, 1400 mm
  • Integrated temperature control
  • Additional options:
    • 2nd veil box, blower, leakage, shaft, vibrating device
    • Article turning device
    • Product holding-down device
      for light products
    • Decorating devices of all
    • Collecting tray for decorating
      chocolate with heated
      removal screw

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