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Compact Enrobing Machines

Tailored specifically for the professional chocolate industry, our compact enrobing machines are a small but powerful enrobing solution for confectioners with limited space.

These compact machines can seamlessly integrate into chocolate manufacturing processes, providing uniform chocolate coating for a variety of confectionery products.

Adjustable settings offer versatility, allowing chocolatiers to tailor enrobing processes to specific product requirements.

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Key Product Features

  • Space-efficient design: Designed for efficiency without compromising functionality, these compact enrobing machines fit perfectly into smaller chocolate production lines.
  • Uniform chocolate coating: Achieve a flawless finish on your confectionery products. From truffles to biscuits, each item emerges with a consistent, professional appearance.
  • Adjustable settings for versatility: Our compact enrobing machines provide flexibility in enrobing thickness and speed, allowing chocolatiers to customise their production according to specific requirements.

Product Specifications


  • Equipped with userfriendly
    PLC control, double curtain,
    bottom wall, frequency-controlled
    fan and vibrating shaft.
  • Working width: 320, 420, 620mm

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