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Biscuit Sandwiching Machines

These biscuit sandwiching machines automate the process of sandwiching a creamy filling, such as icing or flavoured cream, between two individual biscuit layers.

We supply sandwiching machines that can be customised and adjusted based on the type of biscuits being processed and the desired product specifications. Precise engineering ensures each finished biscuit is uniform and consistently high-quality.

Premier Forrester has more than 25 years of experience in sourcing industrial machinery for baking manufacturers. Your sandwiching machine is supported by our after-sales team who can assist with installation, training and maintenance appointments.


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Key Product Features

  • Precision Sandwiching: Our principals’ biscuit sandwiching machines offer precise and consistent filling placement, ensuring uniform product quality and presentation.
  • Versatility in Filling Options: These machines are designed to handle a variety of filling types, including creams, jams, icing, and more.
  • High Throughput and Efficiency: Biscuit sandwiching machines improve production efficiency, helping manufacturers meet large-scale production needs.

Product Specifications


  • Machine types: TCM 9, TCM 9/18-36
  • Piston stoke: 32mm
  • Z-axis: 100mm
  • Rifles: 35mm
  • Pistons: 10-25mm


  • Machine types: TCM 9, TCM 36/72, TCM 72/144
  • Piston stoke: 52mm/60mm/70mm
  • Z-axis: 150mm/300mm
  • X-axis: 150mm/300mm
  • Rifles: 35-90mm
  • Pistons: 10-30mm

Alpha Compact

  • Machine types: TCM 9, TCM 24/48
  • Piston stoke: 52mm/60mm
  • Z-axis: 100mm
  • Rifles: 35-45mm
  • Pistons: 6-30mm


  • Machine types: TCM 9, TCM 18
  • Piston stoke: 52mm/60mm
  • Z-axis: 150mm
  • Y-axis: 150mm
  • X-axis: 150mm
  • Rifles: 30/2-45mm
  • Pistons: 6-30mm


  • Machine types: TCM 9/18, TCM 36/72, TCM 72/144
  • Piston stoke: 52mm/60mm/70mm
  • Z-axis: 150mm
  • Y-axis: 150/300mm
  • X-axis: Eta – 300mm/400mm, Theta – 300mm/500mm
  • Rifles: 30/2-90mm

OKA Cookie Capper

  • From simple cost-effective top-to-top capping to high-speed capping
  • Integrated multi-lane vacuum system for capping applications 

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