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Rotary Moulders

Rotary moulders automate the process of shaping and forming dough to create a variety of biscuit designs – from simple cookies to embossed sugar biscuits.

The interchangeable moulds rotate continuously to ensure uniformity in size and shape, making them essential for high-volume production in the commercial bakery industry.

We have more than 25 years of industry experience in supplying tailored machinery solutions for food manufacturers across the UK. Our after-sales care service ensures the long life of your equipment, with help and advice on installation, servicing and more.

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Key Product Features

  • Continuous Shaping: Rotary moulders provide precise and consistent dough shaping for uniform product quality.
  • Interchangeable Dies: These machines come with interchangeable dies or moulds allows manufacturers to produce a variety of biscuit designs using the same machine.
  • Efficient High-Speed Production: Designed for high-speed and high-volume production, the rotary moulders increase efficiency while maintaining the quality and consistency of the final product.

Product Specifications

OKA Rotary Moulder – Type FN

  • Available upgrades: piston moulding, 2-colour moulding, soft dough moulding
  • Working width: 400-1800mm

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