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Chocolate Vibrating Tables

Chocolate vibrating tables are essential equipment in the chocolate-making industry, designed to eliminate air bubbles in freshly poured chocolate moulds.

The vibrations help the chocolate settle evenly into the moulds, ensuring a smooth and professional finish on the surface of the final products.

Premier Forrester supplies vibration tables as standalone machines or as part of a larger chocolate moulding line. We have over 25 years of experience in the industry and offer a specialised after-sales care service that will ensure your commercial chocolate equipment stands the test of time.



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Key Product Features

  • Elimination of air bubbles: Chocolate vibrating tables efficiently eliminate air bubbles from freshly poured chocolate moulds, ensuring a smooth and polished finish on the surface of the chocolates.
  • Uniform texture: They help develop a uniform texture across chocolate moulds for a consistent and polished finish on your chocolates.
  • User-friendly controls: User-friendly controls allow operators to easily adjust the vibration intensity to accommodate different chocolate types and moulds.

Product Specifications

  • Magnetic vertical vibration: for solid and filled products. Adjustable frequency. 
  • Magnetic vibration: for decorations. Frequency and amplitude adjustable. 
  • Pneumatic lateral vibration: optional – for even distribution. 
  • High-frequency top vibration: optional – for large ingredients, nuts etc. 

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