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Solid Depositors

Solid depositors accurately deposit a predetermined amount of tempered chocolate into moulds to create solid chocolate bars.

The machines are carefully engineered to help industrial manufacturers achieve consistency and uniformity, ensuring each chocolate bar meets the highest quality standards.

Premier Forrester have more than 25 years’ experience and can help you find the right solid depositor for your production line. Our exceptional after-sales support are also available to help arrange everything from training and installation to spare parts and servicing.


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Key Product Features

  • Precision and accuracy: These solid depositors deliver controlled and measured amounts of tempered chocolate, ensuring uniformity across the entire batch.
  • Customisable depositing options: Customisable settings allow manufacturers to adjust the depositing parameters to create different chocolate products.
  • Easy integration into production lines: Solid depositors are designed for seamless integration into chocolate manufacturing processes, helping to streamline operations and improve efficiency.

Product Specifications


  • Machine types: TCM 9, TCM 9/18-36
  • Piston stoke: 32mm
  • Z-axis: 100mm
  • Rifles: 35mm
  • Pistons: 10-25mm


  • Machine types: TCM 9, TCM 36/72, TCM 72/144
  • Piston stoke: 52mm/60mm/70mm
  • Z-axis: 150mm/300mm
  • X-axis: 150mm/300mm
  • Rifles: 35-90mm
  • Pistons: 10-30mm

Alpha Compact

  • Machine types: TCM 9, TCM 24/48
  • Piston stoke: 52mm/60mm
  • Z-axis: 100mm
  • Rifles: 35-45mm
  • Pistons: 6-30mm


  • Machine types: TCM 9, TCM 18
  • Piston stoke: 52mm/60mm
  • Z-axis: 150mm
  • Y-axis: 150mm
  • X-axis: 150mm
  • Rifles: 30/2-45mm
  • Pistons: 6-30mm


  • Machine types: TCM 9/18, TCM 36/72, TCM 72/144
  • Piston stoke: 52mm/60mm/70mm
  • Z-axis: 150mm
  • Y-axis: 150/300mm
  • X-axis: Eta – 300mm/400mm, Theta – 300mm/500mm
  • Rifles: 30/2-90mm

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