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Trends In The Chocolate Making Industry In 2023

May 24, 2023 | News

As the UK chocolate and confectionery sector continues to evolve in response to consumer demands, it is crucial for manufacturers to keep up with these trends. Consumers are now more conscious about the origin of their food and the impact it has on the environment and wider society – but trends aren’t simply about sustainability; taste and even texture now play a significant role in the success of any chocolate or confectionery product. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the chocolate making trends that are shaping the industry in 2023.

Sustainable Chocolate

With increasing awareness about the impact of food production and processing on the environment around the world, sustainable chocolate making practices have become a hot topic in the UK sector. Consumers are now far more interested in the sourcing, production, and packaging of their chocolate products than they were in previous years, and as such, it’s essential for businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices such as using recyclable packaging where possible, and opting for ethically sourced cocoa. Companies that embrace greater sustainability will likely attract a wider customer base and build stronger brand loyalty than those with weaker sustainability credentials.

Fair Trade/Ethical Chocolate

Consumers are also becoming more widely aware and conscious of the social justice issues surrounding the origin materials that go into their consumer products. Fair trade or ethical chocolate guarantees that the cocoa farmers and workers in the source countries are paid fair wages and are free of exploitation, and also that Western owned cocoa plantations do not have a detrimental effect on local cultures, economies, and ecosystems. Confectionery businesses that incorporate these ethical practices into their business models can use it as a strong marketing tool to attract socially responsible consumers.

Sensory Chocolate

Texture and even sound are becoming more important sensory aspects of chocolate consumption. Chocolate companies that experiment with different textures, materials, and flavours within their products and packaging to create unique experiences are more likely to succeed in an industry that has never been more saturated with choice. This trend in the sensory aspects of chocolate opens up a creative space for chocolate makers to innovate and experiment with new taste sensations for their customers.

Plant-Based Or Vegan Chocolate

The growing adoption of veganism as a lifestyle and ethical choice means that confectionery businesses must embrace the requirements of plant-based diets by diversifying their range to include milk alternatives in their products. So-called vegan chocolate not only caters to a growing niche market but also appeals to non-vegan consumers looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives to dairy, and to customers who are lactose or dairy intolerant.

Healthy Chocolate

Chocolate is not usually considered a health food option, but nevertheless, health-conscious consumers are increasingly searching for healthier alternatives to traditional chocolate snacks and treats that are less taxing on their waistline and cholesterol levels. Healthy chocolate is a trend that is rapidly overtaking the industry in 2023: these confectionery products contain fewer calories, less processed sugars, and more nutritional value than some traditional products, appealing to customers that want to indulge while being mindful of their diet.

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