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The Top 5 Key Rules You Can’t Break On An Industrial Chocolate Production Line

Jul 19, 2021 | News

When working with confectionery making equipment on an industrial chocolate production line, there are a few key things to remember if you want to be successful. Throughout the entire production process, there are vital rules to follow if you want a top-quality end product. This blog post looks at the five key rules you can’t break on an industrial chocolate production line.

Chocolate Preparation

It all starts with chocolate preparation. Whether your site uses bulk or easimelt, the product needs to be 100% decrystallised before use. There are high-quality machines available that can effortlessly melt your chocolate and ensure that it’s fully decrystallised, and the equipment available is becoming ever more sophisticated. New equipment is coming up that allows for continuous melting.

Process Critical Parameters

Throughout the production process, it’s important to keep an eye on the details to make sure things run smoothly. We call these the Process Critical Parameters, very similar to the HACCP approach.  Analyse what are the process or service parameters that have a huge effect on the production process and then put systems in place to manage them.  Examples of these in chocolate manufacturing are:

  • chilled water temperature and flowrate
  • hot water temperature and flowrate
  • chocolate flow rate
  • Process control

Tempering System

Having a well designed and controlled tempering system is essential if you want to produce fantastic chocolate with a good shelf life. Tempering and deseeding is a highly important part of the process of making confectionery. Consistency is everything in this area, so make sure you invest in top quality tempering equipment.


Getting cooling right is also highly important. Cooling should be done for as long and at as warm a temperature as possible, with a high airspeed and an even airflow. Specialised cooling equipment is the best way to make sure that your chocolate is cooled effectively for exceptional results.


Demoulding and packaging is the final part of the chocolate production process. When demoulding chocolate, twisting the mould is preferable to knocking it out. Also, invest in a reliable confectionery packaging machine and confectionery panning machine to make sure your finished product looks fantastic and comes off the production line efficiently.

Great Quality Confectionery Machinery

If you’re looking for leading machinery for your chocolate production line, choose Premier Forrester. We offer new, second hand, and refurbished equipment from renowned brands that mean your production line runs smoothly and delivers fantastic products. To find out more about our machinery and services, please get in touch.

Image source: Pixabay

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