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Confectionery Sprinkler Machine

Confectionery sprinkler machines are designed to decorate chocolates, confectionery, biscuits and other treats with an even amount of sprinkles.

The machinery can evenly distribute sprinkles, sugar crystals and other granulated toppings over and around the product, ensuring a professional and uniform finish.

Our principals’ sprinkler machines are designed to withstand heavy industrial use, smoothly integrating with existing chocolate and confectionery production lines to improve efficiency.

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Key Product Features

  • Even sprinkle distribution: The sprinkler machine provides uniform and consistent coverage of toppings.
  • Variable sprinkling levels: Whether you need to decorate with a light sprinkling of sugar or a full layer of chopped nuts, the confectionery sprinkling system can be customised to your needs.
  • Easy integration: The sprinkling equipment can easily be retrofitted into an existing production line.

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