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Chocolate Polishing Machines

Dragée polishing machines are designed to give your coated chocolate products a professional and shiny finish.

The cabinet provides a controlled environment to gently polish the coated confectionery, ensuring a high-quality final product.

With more than 25 years of industry experience, we supply confectionery and chocolate manufacturers with high-quality dragée machinery that can withstand heavy industrial use.

Our after-sales support team are always on hand to assist with servicing, spare parts and training needs – ensuring your equipment is properly maintained throughout its lifespan.

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Key Features

  • Rotating drum: The cabinet’s rotating drum gently polishes dragées by providing consistent friction, ensuring chocolates achieve the desired shine.
  • Polishing agent: A food-grade polishing agent is used to enhance the products’ glossy finish.
  • Industrial use: The dragée polishing cabinet is precisely engineered for industrial use, ensuring a consistent and uniform appearance.

Product Specifications

BPM 600

  • Belt width: 600mm
  • Filling Quantity: 40 litre
  • Coating capacity: 40kg/h
  • Cooling air required: 1000m3/h

BPM 1200

    • Belt width: 1200mm
    • Filling Quantity: 243 litre
    • Coating capacity: 200kg/h
    • Cooling air required: 2000m3/h

BPM 1600

  • Belt width: 1600mm
  • Filling Quantity: 330 litre
  • Coating capacity: 300kg/h
  • Cooling air required: 2700m3/h

BPM 2000

    • Belt width: 2000mm
    • Filling Quantity: 650 litre
    • Coating capacity: 650kg/h
    • Cooling air required: 4000m3/h

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