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Hybrid Depositors

Hybrid depositors are capable of depositing both plain chocolate or mixtures with inclusions like nuts, dried fruits or marshmallows.

This flexibility makes it easy for professional chocolatiers to create a variety of products, meeting diverse recipe needs with one efficient piece of equipment.

Premier Forrester can help find the right engineering solutions for your chocolate production lines. We have over 25 years of industry experience and offer an expert after-sales support service to help with setup, training, servicing and more.

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Key Product Features

  • Dual depositor capability: Hybrid depositors are equipped to dispense mixtures both with inclusions and without.
  • Easy switching between modes: Seamlessly switch between depositing mixtures with or without inclusions for a streamlined production process.
  • Variable recipe settings: Easily adjust settings for different recipes, providing precise control over the deposition process and accommodating a variety of chocolate products.

Product Specifications


  • Machine types: TCM 9, TCM 36/72, TCM 72/144
  • Piston stoke: 52mm/60mm/70mm
  • Z-axis: 150mm/300mm
  • X-axis: 150mm/300mm
  • Rifles: 35-90mm
  • Pistons: 10-30mm

Alpha CAD

  • Machine types: TCM 9, TCM 36/72
  • Piston stoke: 52mm/60mm
  • Z-axis: 150mm
  • Y-axis: 150mm/300mm
  • X-axis: 300mm
  • Rifles: 30/2-90mm
  • Pistons: 6-30mm


  • Machine types: TCM 9/18, TCM 36/72, TCM 72/144
  • Piston stoke: 52mm/60mm/70mm
  • Z-axis: 150mm
  • Y-axis: 150/300mm
  • X-axis: Eta – 300mm/400mm, Theta – 300mm/500mm
  • Rifles: 30/2-90mm

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