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Chocolate Mould Add-Ons and Special Features

Consider enhancing your production process with a series of practical add-ons and accessories for your chocolate moulds.

These additional features contribute to a more efficient, precise, and controlled chocolate manufacturing process.

Speak to our expert team today to see how these optional add-ons can enhance your production line.

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Key Features

  • Customisable: Add letters, figures, QR codes or barcodes to each mould with laser engraving. This helps visually identify each mould.
  • Metal-detectable plastic caps: The caps for magnets can be used on book moulds and hollow figures.
  • Simple process: Simplify the demoulding process with demoulding plaques.
  • Advanced monitoring: RFID technology in the form of embedded RFID tags in the moulds can provide you with valuable usage data and statistics.

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