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How Upgrading To A Knobel Chocolate Depositor Machine Can Take Your Chocolate Production Business To The Next Level

Apr 16, 2021 | News

Choosing a chocolate depositor machine can really make or break your business; while it might not sound like the biggest business decision you’ve ever made, the difference between two machines, in terms of the quality of the product they produce as well as their reliability and consistency, can be surprising.

Knobel are manufacturers of high-quality, reliable chocolate machines which are used in situations where standard chocolate depositors simply won’t do; for chocolatiers creating complex, beautiful chocolate products which require finesse, the attention to detail and accuracy that can only be offered by Knobel Maschinenbau can’t be underestimated.

Why Choose Knobel Chocolate Machines?

Knobel chocolate machines, including their one-shot depositor chocolate machine, offer a number of tangible advantages over cheaper brands.

Patented piston technology means that Knobel chocolate machines offer high accuracy and inclusion, which is perfect for complex patterns and designs on luxury chocolate products and gifts.

Knobel machines are also more reliable than other machines on the market, being produced to a higher standard and running more efficiently and smoothly on a daily basis. This means less time and money spent on costly breakdowns and repairs.

As a trusted and established brand, Knobel’s after-sales support is second to none. For chocolatiers making their first step up into larger-scale production methods, there is nobody better to have supporting you than the team at Knobel.

Knobel machines can also easily be integrated with other machines and offer a high-capacity and production volume for large scale operations where efficiency and scalability are crucial.

Knobel machines are also available as bespoke custom machines that can be tailored to the specific requirements of your operation. If there’s a particular design you’re working on, using Knobel machines can make production smoother and problem-free.

Who Are Knobel Machines For?

Knobel machines are used by a huge range of manufacturers, including internationally renowned chocolatiers like Hotel Chocolat as well as smaller, luxury chocolate makers across the world. Using Knobel machines to manufacture chocolate products can improve the visuals of your final chocolates as well as performing reliably and efficiently across your operation.

At Premier Forrester, we supply chocolate and other food manufacturing machines to clients across Europe, working with major brands including Knobel to ensure that our clients can source equipment that’s just right for their requirements. Call us today to find out more about Knobel chocolate machines and other machines.

Image source: Machinio

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