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Double and Tri Shot Depositors

Double and tri shot chocolate depositors allow commercial chocolate makers to cast different shells or centres in a single operation, creating a mix of textures, flavours and designs.

Efficient and innovative, these depositors streamline the chocolate production process, improving operational efficiency and offering more control over the final product.

Premier Forrester provides a complete after-sales support service for our customers, ensuring your chocolate machinery continues to run smoothly for years to come. Get in touch to learn more.


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Key Product Features

  • Multi-shot depositing: This advanced depositor will introduce a new dimension to your confections with distinct layers of shells or centres.
  • Precise dosing control: With meticulous dosing control, this depositor ensures accurate distribution of multiple layers of chocolate.
  • Adaptable integration into existing lines: The double/tri shot chocolate depositor streamlines efficiency, allowing industrial chocolatiers to create complex, multi-layered confections with ease.

Product Specifications


  • Machine types: TCM 9, TCM 36/72, TCM 72/144
  • Piston stoke: 52mm/60mm/70mm
  • Z-axis: 150mm/300mm
  • X-axis: 150mm/300mm
  • Rifles: 35-90mm
  • Pistons: 10-30mm

Alpha CAD

  • Machine types: TCM 9, TCM 36/72
  • Piston stoke: 52mm/60mm
  • Z-axis: 150mm
  • Y-axis: 150mm/300mm
  • X-axis: 300mm
  • Rifles: 30/2-90mm
  • Pistons: 6-30mm


  • Machine types: TCM 9/18, TCM 36/72, TCM 72/144
  • Piston stoke: 52mm/60mm/70mm
  • Z-axis: 150mm
  • Y-axis: 150/300mm
  • X-axis: Eta – 300mm/400mm, Theta – 300mm/500mm
  • Rifles: 30/2-90mm

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