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Knobel Chocolate Machinery

At Premier Forrester, we are proud to be sole representative in the UK & Ireland for Knobel Maschinenbau, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of chocolate machinery, depositors, and chocolate moulding lines.

About Knobel

Knobel are a pioneering Swiss machinery manufacturing business set up in 1977. Since the early 1980s, they have produced high-end chocolate depositors, moulding lines, and other chocolate machines for chocolate and confectionery manufacturers around the world. Knobel’s one shot depositor chocolate machine is perfect for creating premium chocolate balls and truffles, and for creating decorated chocolates with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

Knobel Chocolate Machinery
Knobel Chocolate Machinery Close Up

For businesses that produce low volume luxury chocolate items, or expensive and complicated confectionery, Knobel Maschinenbau provide the value and technical accuracy you need to ensure superb product quality.

Positioned at the higher end of the market, businesses invest in Knobel chocolate machines when only the highest standards will suffice, or if they have experienced difficulties with waste and quality levels from using a lower-end machine.

Knobel Alpha CAD

Areas Of Expertise

Knobel specialise in three key areas:

  1. KCM Depositors – uniquely designed piston depositors for extremely high deposit accuracy, as well as high levels of inclusion
  2. Moulding Lines – specialised moulding lines for the confectionery industry using one-shot, cold-press or decorating technologies
  3. Modular Free Running Moulds – free running moulds unlock the potential of a truly modular production line. A variety of functional elements (depositors, vibration, cooling) are combined to deliver a line that matches your unique manufacturing process.

Engineering Standards

As one of the world’s most forward-thinking manufacturers in the field of cold-pressed technology, Knobel are committed to engineering excellence in all their products. Their R&D lab continually work on improving their product range to make their machinery more accurate, reliable, and efficient, using innovative engineering and design techniques. Each machine and component is designed to the highest standards, from the quietest vibration tables on the market, to the most effective spiral calling systems, and the most efficient KCM depositors.

Implementing Knobel chocolate machinery on your production line is a significant capital investment, but one that is guaranteed to deliver an excellent long-term ROI. It is possible to upgrade your existing moulding lines by retrofitting Knobel depositors to work alongside third-party equipment, or to add Knobel machines to your production plant in order to deliver new products, or optimise your production schedule.

Next Steps

As manufacturer-approved UK suppliers, we offer the complete range of Knobel chocolate machines, alongside a broad stock of spare parts and consumables. We also provide emergency repairs and scheduled servicing. In addition, we offer a bespoke process engineering service, designing complete systems to meet your project objectives and business goals, drawing on the best equipment from Knobel and other leading confectionery manufacturers. To discuss your requirements with one of our advisers, please give us a call today.

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