About Premier Forrester

Premier Forrester Ltd are based in York, North Yorkshire and specialise in the supply of production solutions to the confectionery and bakery industries. From individual machines to full lines, we have the suppliers and know-how to deliver growth in your company. Premier Forrester Ltd also handle spares and service support for existing equipment.

As well as offering advice on a range of new equipment based on many years of experience within our industry, Premier Forrester Ltd can also help deliver your capital projects. From solution concept, specification writing and cost builds to installation and commissioning, Premier Forrester Ltd have an extensive network of contractors to deal with all aspects of capital investment in the confectionery and bakery industry.




Capital Investment Consultancy

Premier Forrester can help deliver your capital projects. Our extensive knowledge and network means we can help at every step of your investment.

Examples of our assistance are:

Manufacturing Strategy

What, where and why to invest.

Solution Design

Using our experience we can help engineer a solution to solve your problems.

Capital Build

We can work together to build up a robust cost model.

Project Delivery

We offer a wide range of services from strategic project management tools to ensure delivery to time cost and specification to more hands on assistance such as supplier selection, specification writing and supplier negotiations and project engineering.

Machinery and Equipment

  • Chocolate Moulding Lines
  • Chocolate Depositors
  • One Shot Depositors
  • Double/Tri Shot Depositors
  • Vibration Tables
  • Cooling spirals
  • Demoulding Systems
  • Mould Heating Spirals
  • Whole Nut depositing
  • Inclusion Depositors
  • Cold Press Shell Forming
  • Dragee Coating Cabinet
  • Dragee Polishing Cabinet
  • Dragee Sugar Cabinet
  • Tempering Units¬†
  • Ultra Low Usage Tempering Units
  • Enrobing Lines
  • Cooling Tunnels
  • Truffle Ball Rolling
  • Cluster Depositor
  • Bulk Chocolate Tanks
  • Day Tanks
  • Melting Tanks
  • Feeder Mixer System
  • Volumetric Feeders
  • Gravimetric Feeders
  • Chocolate Mixing
  • Control Systems
  • Jacketed PipeworK
  • Stainless Steel Fabrication
  • Polycarbonate Chocolate Moulds
  • Vac Formed Follits
  • Seasonal Moulds
  • Silicon Baking Moulds
  • Mould Washing
  • Pallet Washing

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